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As a multi-service agency with the standards of excellence, we at Teleserve exceed our client’s expectations in developing and maintaining their public connection and link with customers.
Every client is unique therefor; Teleserve’s focus is the interpretation of the possibilities for creativity, marketing strategies and branding based on each client’s unique nature.

Agency Services

Marketing strategies

Strategy is where business begins. Developing a strategy involves drawing on theoretical knowledge; practical experience and creative thinking to create an action plan for business success.

Communication strategies

We examine the components of communication and develop them into effective communication strategies for business. A tailored action plan assists our clients to maximize their existing potential. Our strategies and action plans focus on our client’s key message, target audience, medium of distribution, anticipated reaction and desired results.

Public Relations

Every contact that we have with any of our key stakeholders is vital to the development of successful future relationships. The essentials of making a powerful first impression and then sustaining that through the duration of the relationship are very important for the longevity of the bridge that we facilitate between the client and the public. We work closely with our clients to influence the public perception of their company either with channels like events, publications, media or PR services to maximize and deliver a sustainable solution.

Brand Management

In a market place full of competing brands all out to have their companies in the spotlight, our strategy for brand management is not only to make our brand stand out but to raise brand awareness by the needed research for the target market and enable our brands to stand out in its rightful place with its own unique creative development in a fast changing market.

Professional copywriting

The written word is a powerful marketing tool. Well-written copy is identified by how successful the intended message is communicated, and verified by measurable marketing results. Whether it be a direct mail marketing campaign, marketing communications or website content, well written copy is essential in successfully branding a company.

Media Monitoring Services

We offer our clients with daily monitoring and local and regional publications. Including clients news, competitor news and news of the industry itself.

Event Management

Turnkey solutions are how we handle and deliver our events. From concept creation, venue management to quality execution is handled with precision and delivered with excellence.

Player Services

Our player services range from player placements, contract negotiations, player marketing and endorsements to football regulations and legal advice. With the exceptional contacts our team has locally and internationally in the field; we are always equipped to provide our players with sound advice, maximum exposure, and marketing strategies keeping us constantly adding value to our players.

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